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How You Can Start Working On Your Child’s Future Happiness And Independence Today

Sometimes your words come back to haunt you.   12 years ago, I conducted a 12 week course for parents who wanted to learn about teaching skills and language to their autistic children.   During one session, I remember saying, “Break everything into small steps and teach one skill after another."   How long will…


22 Mar · Kamini Lakhani · 8 Comments

4 Things To Remember When You Choose Not To Disclose Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis

“My 2.5 year old nephew’s class teacher informed my sister in law he might have autism. She is devastated and is desperate for a diagnosis for the child. Can you recommend somebody trustworthy?” Said my friend.   “Yes, I’ll recommend somebody. But can your sister in law meet me? I’ll explain that autism is a…


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How To Teach Your Autistic Child Like A Pro… And More

  Hello Dear Friend,   I’m going to answer 3 questions that came my way this week.   Question 1: I have a problem with my child’s engagement. He knows what to do, but I see the glazed look in his eyes. I can tell he’s not interested. He does it for the sake of…


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The Bright Side Of Autism That You Haven’t Envisaged

“Even if you don’t remember anything else I’ve said at this workshop, just remember this one thing.”   “People with autism are hugely intelligent. Even if they’re non vocal. Always presume intellect. Treat them respectfully. I’m convinced as I’ve seen it over the years.”   I heard myself say these words during a recent workshop.…


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9 Things You Didn’t Know About This Invisible Disability

9 Things You Didn't Know About This Invisible Disability “I find my business partner’s behavior odd. He doesn’t have a clue of his impact on people. He’s rude, mean and insulting. My work life is miserable. One day, I literally broke down in office.” Shared a friend.   I listened.   “On the other hand, ...