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10 Things Every Student Should Know About Autism

I had the good fortune and privilege of addressing the 11th and 12th graders of Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary School, last week.   Over the years, I’ve presented workshops and orientations to several groups of people- parents, professionals and teachers.   This was my first opportunity to present to students, thanks to Ankita Pritamani (alumnus…


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Why It’s Time To Trash The “High Functioning/Low Functioning” Distinction

“My child is not like the children here.” She said.   “How do you mean?” I asked.   “He’s passed his tenth grade with 72%. He talks. He can do everything. He has a high IQ. He’s high functioning.” She replied.   “Here we go again….” I thought.   Instead I asked, “So what are…


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The Missing Link To Your Child’s Development

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, marketer and a brilliant teacher.   When I joined The Marketing Seminar (TMS), conducted by Seth, I thought I’d learn about marketing. Instead I learned about life.   I chanced upon this manifesto he had written. Stop Selling Dreams.     It stopped me in my tracks.   “If you…


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5 Benefits of Truly Accepting Your Autistic Child

It isn’t Autism Awareness Month. We left it behind a couple of months ago. Yet this post is about acceptance.   Mohit will soon be 29. He’s taught me life’s greatest lessons. Perhaps the biggest one is ‘true acceptance.’   My journey started with denial or non acceptance. “It can’t be." “Why me?” “What have…


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How You Can Be An Unforgettable Teacher For Each Of Your Students

Last week I conducted a presentation entitled, ‘Dealing With Learning Difficulties And Autism In A Classroom,’ to a group of enthusiastic teachers at Harmony Montessori.   Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers inspire me.   The responsibility resting on their shoulders is immense. They have the biggest hand in shaping the youth of the country.…