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How You Can Be An Unforgettable Teacher For Each Of Your Students

Last week I conducted a presentation entitled, ‘Dealing With Learning Difficulties And Autism In A Classroom,’ to a group of enthusiastic teachers at Harmony Montessori.   Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers inspire me.   The responsibility resting on their shoulders is immense. They have the biggest hand in shaping the youth of the country.…


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The Subtraction Of This Word Will Make A Huge Difference To Your Life

In her book, Autism and Spirituality, Olga Bogdashina talks about ‘autistic personality.’   She says, ‘many individuals with autism seem to possess a number of unconventional personality characteristics that can be seen as a special type of personality- autistic personality.   To me, Autism is a special type of personality (O’Neill 2000)   Here are…


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How My Autistic Son Blew A Preconceived Notion Into Smithereens

“Blood test?” he asked as he stretched his arm out towards the person on the sofa.   I was startled by Mohit’s question.   Being engrossed in a conversation with his teacher, I had not realized that somebody had walked into the  living room and occupied a sofa!   But Mohit had. And he responded…


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How This One Shift In Your Mindset Can Help Your Child Learn Effectively

This 8 year old and his mother were working on reading skills. He didn’t have a problem with reading words. He was good with encoding.   Scenario 1   They took turns. Individual piles of flash cards were placed before the young child and his mother. She picked up a card from her pile, read…


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How To Be The Most Effective Teacher For Your Autistic Student

  I struggled to connect with her.   She resisted every move I made. We had pockets of good moments, where she was calm and attentive. But they didn’t last for more than a few minutes.   This little girl could read logos and sounded out words she had not seen before. She would read…