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How To Traverse The Path From Dejection to Empowerment

I listened with rapt attention, as she spoke.   “We had a meeting with the Supervisor in charge of our son’s home program. We explained what we wanted. She saw meaning in what we were trying to say and implemented our suggestions.”   I couldn’t help smiling.   “We showed her how our son responds…


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The Journey From Expecting To Accepting

Asperger would often just sit with the children, reading poetry and stories to them from his favorite books.   “I don’t want to simply push from outside’ and give instructions, observing coolly and with detachment,” he said. “Rather, I want to play and talk with the child all the while looking with open eyes both…


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Warning: This Story About An Innocent Autistic Individual Will Shake You Up

The world goes berserk in April. It’s Autism Awareness Month, remember?     We light up in blue- the color designated to Autism Awareness. Our tallest, most magnificent buildings are lit up in blue too. We pride ourselves on being a compassionate people who accept the differently abled.     But an incident happened in…


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How A Student Taught Me To Rise Strong From Any Situation

In response to a recent blog post, Sulabha Krishnan mentioned the 3Rs -Reflection, Relationships and Resilience with regards to building communication.   I came across 3Rs this week too. These are cited by accomplished author and researcher, Brené Brown, in her book, Rising Strong.   The Reckoning: Walking into our story   Recognize emotion, and…


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Teachers’ Day Special

I would like to dedicate this Teachers’ Day to my students. They have taught me about life itself.   Many of them do it without saying a word.   I’d like to felicitate them by sharing my favorite quotes. Most of these are by individuals on the Spectrum.   1. You are being called at…