This is more important than your child’s speech

treatment for children with autism in India

Speech was the first treatment you tried after your child was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, right? He attends an autism therapy and says a few words. Good. But are they meaningful? Is your child speaking to communicate with you, or is he using rote-learned words?


What matters more to you? Your child’s speech, or his communication? His ability to follow instructions, or self learning? His dependence on you, or skills to live a better life? Would you rather pursue a non-existent cure for autism, or sign up for a therapy which cures the core deficits of autism in your child and lets him be happy?


If your answer to each question was the latter, our centre can help you. Through our reputed US-certified autism treatment program, your child will be empowered to:


  1. Build self-confidence and improve social interactions by leaps and bounds
  2. Trust you as a guardian
  3. Create an emotional bond with you, which leads to meaningful and enjoyable communication
  4. Develop skills to pursue an independent life with meaningful employment


Children with autism spectrum disorder are different, not disabled. They have differently wired brains, which are equally beautiful. Our proven autism therapy focuses on bringing out the best in your child. This special education helps him realize his potential and adjust better to his surroundings.


In our treatment for autistic children, we also address a critical yet overlooked aspect of your child’s life – You! Because, regardless of what you think, your child needs you more than you know.


As part of this US-certified treatment program for autistic children, you will be empowered to understand your child better. You will also be empowered to help him build and pursue his goals, and revive the absent emotional bond between your child and you.


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``The program has helped my son to think, to decide for himself, to function in society. Not only that, it has helped me understand my son better and vice versa..``

Sharmistha Shukla

``When we went hiking, my son kept track of where his mom (I) was. Small incidents like this let me experience the missing wonderful mother-son relation with my son.``

Sudha Ranganathan

``The program not only enhances the life of the child, but the whole family. I can challenge my son a little more and witness the happiness he feels.``

Viji Srinivas

``I didn't know about this beautiful bond that could exist between my son and me. After this training program, I am wondering how I lived without it for so long.``

Zohra Padamsee