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7 Tips To Work Respectfully With Autistic Adults

I’ve worked with several families over the past 2 decades. Some of my students have been with SAI/SAI Connections for more than a decade.   I’ve had the privilege of seeing them blossom before my eyes. And many of them are adults now.   The phrase which comes to mind when I work with adults…


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Persistence Pays Huge Dividends- It’s Guaranteed!

It has been my honor and privelege to work with Viji Srinivas and her son, Vishal for the past 12 years.   Vishal was enrolled in our ABA program for 7 years.   I interacted closely with Viji too, as she started off as a teacher and then went on to become the Lead Teacher…


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6 Tough Questions To Ask Yourself Regularly

  “I’m tired of my daughter’s behavior. Every morning she takes 2 hours to get ready. She doesn’t like school at all. I don’t think she learns anything there.   In fact, I can teach her better.” Said a tired looking mother of a 16 year old.   “If you and your daughter are unhappy…


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What Needs To ‘Die’ For Your Autistic Child To Emerge

  I see you hiding your son’s autism diagnosis.   You say to yourself, “he’s going to be fine. I won’t have to tell anyone.” And you keep your fingers crossed.   In the deep recesses of your heart, you feel responsible… Somehow.   I see you.   I know what you’re going through. We’re…


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How To Traverse The Path From Dejection to Empowerment

I listened with rapt attention, as she spoke.   “We had a meeting with the Supervisor in charge of our son’s home program. We explained what we wanted. She saw meaning in what we were trying to say and implemented our suggestions.”   I couldn’t help smiling.   “We showed her how our son responds…