19 Apr · Kamini Lakhani · 3 Comments

Why I Don’t Feel Alone Anymore

His mother approached me for admission 11 years ago. I was apprehensive about his behavior and lack of speech. She picked up my reluctance.   “He’s not as difficult as he appears to be.” She commented.   That did it for me. Being a mother, I understood her heart and wanted to support her. I…


12 Apr · Kamini Lakhani · 2 Comments

The One Thing Your Autistic Child Needs. And It’s Not More Therapy

I met and interacted with two precocious 5 year olds last week.   Atharv was a delight to watch. Self assured and bubbly, he knew he had an audience while he bounced his ball.   From bouncing, he moved to catching the ball in different styles.   He didn’t need much to entertain himself. He…


5 Apr · Kamini Lakhani · 6 Comments

Have We Moved Too Far From Hans Asperger’s Recommendation?

We were to go to a jazz show last night. Instead we ended up watching the film, ‘Hichki.’   The film showcased an important social message about acceptance of differences. The brilliance lay in the performances and screenplay.   I’ll share some relevant points from the film, without giving too much away- just in case…


29 Mar · Kamini Lakhani · 4 Comments

How You Can Start Working On Your Child’s Future Happiness And Independence Today

Sometimes your words come back to haunt you.   12 years ago, I conducted a 12 week course for parents who wanted to learn about teaching skills and language to their autistic children.   During one session, I remember saying, “Break everything into small steps and teach one skill after another."   How long will…


22 Mar · Kamini Lakhani · 8 Comments

4 Things To Remember When You Choose Not To Disclose Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis

“My 2.5 year old nephew’s class teacher informed my sister in law he might have autism. She is devastated and is desperate for a diagnosis for the child. Can you recommend somebody trustworthy?” Said my friend.   “Yes, I’ll recommend somebody. But can your sister in law meet me? I’ll explain that autism is a…