13 Jul · Kamini Lakhani · 9 Comments

What is Your Biggest Fear?

What Is Your Biggest Fear? I felt a wonderful sense of adventure exploring Paris on my own.   One afternoon, I decided to take the metro instead of a cab. My hotel was 30 minutes away. The kind officer at the service center at the station gave me a printout of the directions. I had ...


6 Jul · Kamini Lakhani · 3 Comments

5 Aspects Which Matter More Than Your Child’s Grades

5 Aspects Which Matter More Than Your Child's Grades “He’s just slightly touched by autism,” she said.   “What do you mean by slightly touched?” I asked.   “Oh he’s high functioning. He just completed his 10th grade. With God’s grace, he’s able to cope with academics. Of course I had to work very hard, ...


29 Jun · Kamini Lakhani · 6 Comments

How to Meet Your Own Needs And Keep Your Child Happy At the Same Time

How to Meet Your Own Needs And Keep Your Child Happy At the Same Time She was on tenterhooks all morning, gulping down her breakfast.   A meeting was scheduled with the head teacher in charge of admissions. It was a good school, well located and known for its services. There weren’t too many options ...


22 Jun · Kamini Lakhani · One Comment

5 Steps to Speed Up Your Child’s Communication

5 Steps to Speed Up Your Child's Communication You’ve tried everything, but your child still doesn’t string words together. You’ve worked hard to teach him to repeat words, identify objects and express his needs. But it hasn’t translated to independent, thoughtful speech.   Yes, he has picked up many words, but even after months of ...


8 Jun · Kamini Lakhani · 2 Comments

Accept. Breathe. Expand.

Accept. Breathe. Expand. Leena ji, my yoga teacher is a hard taskmaster.   This particular morning was exceptionally strenuous. I had missed a couple of sessions and had to push myself to get into rhythm.   I decided to hold each asana for at least 2 minutes. Little did I know one of the asanas ...



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