Our Autism Treatment Centre in Mumbai

SAI Connections is a one-of-its-kind autism treatment centre in India. The focus of the teachers and guides is not just on empowering individuals with autism to live with dignity, but also on empowering parents to become effective guides and bridge the communication gap between the child and themselves. Here, equal time and service is provided to parents of individuals affected with autism, ADHD, PDD and Asperger’s Syndrome, as the individuals themselves.

The centre spans a comfortable 5,000 square feet with high ceilings and spacious rooms to give every child space and freedom. Our services include:

  1. A Wii Fitness and Gaming Room, which helps children develop visual spatial skills, hand-eye coordination, awareness and sensory integration. It also helps them lose weight and stay fit.
  2. An Art Room, where children feel comfortable expressing themselves through art and other creative activities conducted here.
  3. A Music Class, where children improve singing coordination, learn to play multiple instruments and familiarize themselves with sounds and music.
  4. A Computer Training Room, where children develop additional communication skills through Alternate Augmentative Devices (AACs) like iPads and tablets, fine-tune their motor skills and are aided in learning and development through computers.
  5. A kitchen, where children and individuals learn to cook. This improves their ability to reference various elements in their surrounding and builds independence in them, further enhancing their self-esteem.

These skills imparted in this autism treatment centre in Mumbai not only help an autistic child or individual develop necessary skills for daily life, but also empower him/her to find appropriate employment and pursue a meaningful life.