For Parents of Autistic Children and Professionals

Our center is the perfect location for children with autism to develop skills which help them adjust better to their environment.


We design an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each child after assessments and help him/her develop skills to interact with his/her surrounding and adjust with the world. We help children develop new skills and maintain behaviors, respond better in different situations, improve social interactions, take the uncertainty that life offers in their stride and more. Contact us to get a complete step-by-step understanding of how we train a child with autism, ADHD, Aspergers, PDD, or other learning disabilities.


We also provide training programs for parents of children with autism. These programs empower parents to become better guides and understand their children. For professionals, we provide training and certification for becoming consultants and counsellors in the field of special education.


Nobody knows a child better than the parents, who are the best guides for their child. And raising an autistic child is very tough.
Parents can flourish as guides with help and support through training programs and resource kits, services that we offer at SAI Connections for parents of children with autism.
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There is a dearth of quality services which enhance the life of the entire family affected by autism spectrum disorder in India. The need for professionals who not only enable autistic individuals and those with learning disabilities to live independently, but also to repair the guided relation between a parent and guide.
At SAI Connections, we offer professional training and certification online for special education services.

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