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The Subtraction Of This Word Will Make A Huge Difference To Your Life

In her book, Autism and Spirituality, Olga Bogdashina talks about ‘autistic personality.’   She says, ‘many individuals with autism seem to possess a number of unconventional personality characteristics that can be seen as a special type of personality- autistic personality.   To me, Autism is a special type of personality (O’Neill 2000)   Here are…


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How My Autistic Son Blew A Preconceived Notion Into Smithereens

“Blood test?” he asked as he stretched his arm out towards the person on the sofa.   I was startled by Mohit’s question.   Being engrossed in a conversation with his teacher, I had not realized that somebody had walked into the  living room and occupied a sofa!   But Mohit had. And he responded…


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How This One Shift In Your Mindset Can Help Your Child Learn Effectively

This 8 year old and his mother were working on reading skills. He didn’t have a problem with reading words. He was good with encoding.   Scenario 1   They took turns. Individual piles of flash cards were placed before the young child and his mother. She picked up a card from her pile, read…


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How To Be The Most Effective Teacher For Your Autistic Student

  I struggled to connect with her.   She resisted every move I made. We had pockets of good moments, where she was calm and attentive. But they didn’t last for more than a few minutes.   This little girl could read logos and sounded out words she had not seen before. She would read…


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Why I Don’t Feel Alone Anymore

His mother approached me for admission 11 years ago. I was apprehensive about his behavior and lack of speech. She picked up my reluctance.   “He’s not as difficult as he appears to be.” She commented.   That did it for me. Being a mother, I understood her heart and wanted to support her. I…