And Another Year Comes To An End

The year, 2018, has literally flown by.

Since this is my last blog post for the year, I’d like to share a couple of positive updates with you.


These little experiences have warmed my heart.

At the end of the day, it’s been worth it.




Take a look at Aashni, with her cousin Uma.


Recently, Aashni stepped out for coffee with her cousin Uma- ALONE!


This is a huge achievement.


Five years ago, this would have been a far fetched dream.


Aashni needed to be supervised at every step.

Jigna (her mother) didn’t dare to send her out alone.


A lot of hard work and effort have gone into Aashni’s new avatar.


Tremendous effort by Jigna and the teachers at SAI Connections has culminated in this beautiful episode. This has taken systematic guiding over 5 years.




Last week, I had shared about Priya and Shashank and the ordeal with the plastic surgery that Shashank had to have.


Over the week, I received several updates from Priya.


Early in the week, the doctor declared that recovery was satisfactory and a small bandage on the little finger would suffice.


This was huge, as the previous week both arms had to be plastered as Shashank would otherwise remove the plaster from the affected arm with his free hand.


As a result of this, Priya and her husband, Vinay, had to take Shashank back to the hospital a few times to get the dressing in place.


Priya kindly updated me on the progress. Shashank had left the small bandage on for 3 days and seemed comfortable with it.


Yesterday, the family decided to take a vacation in Goa.




Look how comfortable Shashank looks!

I’m thrilled that the family has gotten a break.


My work is hard. It’s about training and empowering parents, week after week.

Sometimes the positive changes appear negligible.


But in the end, it works out.


Over a period of time, one sees the cumulative effect of the hard work coming in from different quarters.


Jigna’s message, accompanying the picture, warmed my heart and made my day.


“A million thanks are also not enough, Kamini. Aashni went alone with her cousin to a coffee shop in Pune.

Only and only because of your faith in our children is where she is today.”


  • Jigna Shah (Aashni’s mother)


Jigna has been kind enough to give me all the credit.

In reality, it’s all about team work.

I evaluate and make the suggestions, she does the hard work. And the teachers at SAI Connections cement the effort.


I wish each of you peace and joy. May you find little miracles happening in your lives and the lives of your loved ones.


I wish you a wonderful 2019.








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