25 Jan · Kamini Lakhani · 6 Comments

11 Ways To Teach Your Autistic Child Or Student Respectfully

  Over the past 25 years of being with Mohit and others, I’ve gleaned these gems. I hold them close to my heart when I come across any autistic individual.   Today, I’d like to share them with you.   1. Always presume competence   If you don’t remember anything else I say, remember this.…


17 Jan · Kamini Lakhani · 11 Comments

How Your Anxiety Affects Your Autistic Child

She placed her hand on her 7 year old’s shoulder to help him write. He tried his best.   Concern was writ large on her face, as she said, “Write neatly- within the lines.” ‘Leave space between each word. Write nicely.” She continued. She bent over, watching him work intently, not willing to let go.…


5 Jan · Kamini Lakhani · 7 Comments

Much More Than Words

Atharva is a typically developing 5 year old. He joined us for the Christmas Carnival on the 22nd of December.   I watched him painting, his creative talent stood out.   As I dabbled with the paints, I found an interesting heart shaped sponge brush. I dipped it into the palette which already had red…


28 Dec · Kamini Lakhani · 2 Comments

And Another Year Comes To An End

The year, 2018, has literally flown by. Since this is my last blog post for the year, I’d like to share a couple of positive updates with you.   These little experiences have warmed my heart. At the end of the day, it’s been worth it.     Take a look at Aashni, with her…


21 Dec · Kamini Lakhani · One Comment

How You Can Challenge Your Child By Doing Just This One Thing

    I watched Sharmila and Mithil making pizza together. Sharmila wonderfully demonstrated the process by applying pizza sauce. Then she slowly added sliced onions and capsicum and topped them with grated cheese.   Mithil watched intently as she did so. So did our group of ‘Moms on a Mission.”   Suddenly, we were all…



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