22 Jul · Kamini Lakhani · 4 Comments

How To Transform Your Interactions With Your Child: From Task Focus to Trust

I saw her struggling with her daughter to finish the activity. She insisted that her daughter fold clothes. But resistance marked the activity. I saw the little girl darting glances at her mother. She seemed to be doing an assessment of her mother’s emotional state! They fed into each other’s anxiety. In the end, the…


14 Jun · Kamini Lakhani · 2 Comments

How to Support your Child, Not on the Spectrum

A second pair of eyes watched you and all your actions carefully.   You may not have noticed these eyes observing you as you were fully engrossed in your child on the spectrum or the one with the difficulty.   But I noticed these beautiful eyes looking at you when you were unaware.   She…


28 May · Kamini Lakhani · 24 Comments

Straight From the Heart of a Parent of an Autistic Adult

‘What after me?’ took on a different connotation for me recently.   A simple conversation with this wonderful family, took a turn, suddenly.   I have worked with them for more than a decade. We’ve systematically worked at remediating core deficits of autism their son (now an adult). This young man has shown good progress…


14 May · Kamini Lakhani · 6 Comments

How Addressing Core Issues Can Help Reduce Your Child’s Anger and Anxiety

A mother recently shared about her daughter. It went along these lines.   My adult daughter is high functioning. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.   The other day, we went to a get together. I think she was not able to converse properly, so she got angry. We tried to ask her the reason,…


1 May · Kamini Lakhani · 6 Comments

How Setting Limits Effectively Can Help Your Child Engage Better With You

Most parents (and professionals) assume setting limits is for undesirable behaviors only.   I believe it runs far deeper than that.   We do need to set limits to provide stability in a child’s life. We need to let them know what is allowed and what’s not allowed. This definitely leads to lessening of behavior…


The Importance of a Parent Training Program
For Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

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