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Work On These 8 Pointers To Maximize Your Child’s Development

I received a heart warming email recently. I’d like to share it with you.   Dear Kamini,   Neel's homework assignments used to be one of the most traumatic moments in our day-to-day life until recently. Even though he was supposed to work on small tasks – ranging from making sentences to arithmetic calculations- making…


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The One Thing You Should Not Tolerate

“They duct taped his mouth.”   “One day they even tied his hands with a thin rope.”   This young mother shared these horrendous incidences with me, crying bitterly.   It took all my courage to stop my own tears and give her space to vent.   She talked about these and other harrowing teaching…


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What To Do When It’s Your Turn

I borrowed this headline from Seth Godin’s book. It literally leapt out at me from the shelf.   As a parent:   What will you do when you’re faced with the autism diagnosis?   What will you do if a family member or outsider is disrespectful to your child?   What will you do when…


15 Feb · Kamini Lakhani · 2 Comments

How Your Child Can Become An Independent, Life Long Learner

I watch with amazement as he assembles ingredients to steam white dhokla. (snack made by steaming fermented rice batter)   The challenge is for him to look at a picture and try to figure how to cook it. His mother guides him to add an ingredient he’s never used before. (Eno Fruit Salt) He takes…


7 Feb · Kamini Lakhani · 3 Comments

Why Passing The 10th Grade Will Not Guarantee Your Child A Job

Over the past years, Dr. Renuka prayed that her son, Sanjeev would go to college. At his mother’s behest, Sanjeev also prayed, “Dear God. Let me go to college.”   Their dream became a reality a couple of years ago, when Sanjeev joined a pastry making college for individuals with special needs. The family lives…



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