A Dedication To Special Needs Dads On International Women’s Day.

On this occasion of Woman’s Day, I’d like to felicitate some dads I work with.
They play a rock solid role in their children’s life.


Many of my posts are geared towards mothers of autistic individuals.
Here’s one for fathers!




Meet Mr Ranganathan. A Chartered Accountant by qualification, works as CFO with a financial services company – Prasad’s biggest supporter. The father – son duo engage in many activities together, including running marathons.


Ranganathan is adept at all kinds of frameworks for Prasad- from making tea and snacks, to painting and drumming.
You name it.


Unfortunately, Prasad lost his mother, Sudha in a freak accident a few years ago. Sudha was immensely involved in shaping Prasad.


Ranganathan’s resilience and patient guiding has helped Prasad reach where he has.
It takes immense strength to carry on.
I have never seen him without a smile on his face and a helping hand for anyone who comes his way.


It would be unfair to not mention Pooja, Prasad’s older sister, who plays an active role and guides Prasad beautifully.


autism success stories in India


Prasad with his dad


Sachin Haralkar is another outstanding dad for his son.


Sachin has a heavy work and travel schedule but he doesn’t miss an opportunity to interact with Shivansh. They enjoy their time together.


These guiding abilities were slowly and systematically built up- week after week, month after month and year after year.


Sachin’s guiding is supported beautifully by his wife, Anagha.


Between the two of them, they come up with the most amazing and analytic questions about Shivansh’s development.


We’ve collected some wonderful videos showing Shivansh’s journey.


Here’s a beautiful one of them both.


Watch Sachin interacting with Shivansh



Did you feel like dancing? I did! I’m sure there will be many beautiful gems of interaction, as Shivansh goes from strength to strength.


The badge of consistency goes to another dad, Rishikesh Singh.


Not a week goes by (except ofcourse, when Rishikesh is traveling) without atleast 2-3 videos of his interaction with Neel not being submitted.


Rishikesh has heavy responsibilities, but he doesn’t shy away from doing quality work with his son, Neel.


Rishikesh and Archana are relatively new to the RDI Program.
And they’re both amazing guides for their son.


Check this out.



We can all draw inspiration from this.


Here is a message to all dads. An appeal to your heart strings.


It’s not just a mother’s responsibility to bring up a child (typical or not)
It’s a responsibility bestowed on every father.


It takes a little more effort with a special needs child.
But there are certain things only you can do.


Your wife needs your support
Your child needs to have a relationship with you.


Hopefully, one day you’ll see this as a privilege and not a responsibility.
And then, you’ll realize it’s not ‘work’ any longer. It adds joy and value to your life.


I know because of this dad.




I dedicate this article to my husband, Anil- who has stood by me through thick and thin.


He’s a wonderful father to both my children, supporting them in every way they need.
He stands as my rock too.
I can continue do what I do because of his support, over the past 3 decades.


Truly grateful and blessed.


I hope this article touches the hearts of the wonderful fathers out there.


Please share widely.
When men and women work together to nurture each other, then it’s a true celebration of International Women’s Day.

Kamini Lakhani

Kamini Lakhani is the founder and director of SAI Connections. She has been providing services in the field of autism for more than 25 years and is the authorized director of Professional Training for RDI in India and the Middle East. She is also the mother of a young adult with autism.

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