What Are You Doing For Yourself During This Covid Pandemic?

It’s a difficult situation all around.
We’re all home bound.


Many of us are without house help. This brings to the forefront the numerous chores that need to be around the house.


Cooking, cleaning, mopping, dusting, washing, the list goes on.

Don’t forget looking after the children and spouses.


It’s easy to forget oneself in this flurry of activity.


Here’s a question I have for each of you.


What are you doing for yourself during this Covid Pandemic?


Yes, I can see you shaking your head with disbelief at me.
“Can’t you see how busy I am, Kamini?”


I know, I know…
Trust me, I want you to do this for a reason.


Do one thing you enjoy.
Not what the family needs, what your spouse enjoys, what your child/children want.
But what you need for your self.


Do you like to read? Or knit or paint?
Go ahead. Ask a family member or your spouse to baby sit or take charge for your home for a bit.


Isolate yourself in your room and do that one thing.
It will bring you back to yourself.
Once you’re connected to yourself, you’ll be much more efficient.
And you’ll be happier.


For all moms and especially for special needs moms (and dads), it may get difficult to do. One day blends into the other. You’re just trying to hold on to sanity.
Doing something for yourself- even for 30 minutes will drastically change this outlook.


I experienced an uncomfortable situation, the other day.
Since all my meetings have moved to zoom meetings, I end up having several online meetings a day.


This particular day, I had 7 meetings. The last one got over at 9.30 pm.
In between this flurry of activity, I would borrow Mohit’s ipad to play subway surfers or some brainteasers.
I thought the change of scene would do me good.


This pattern of playing these games continued for a few days.
After a couple of days I was completely drained.


On reflection, I realized I was consuming too much.
Too much news, too much of the ipad and mindless over snacking.


What had happened to my creativity?
I hadn’t written an article in a couple of weeks.
I continued to read articles, but I wasn’t able to do deep reading.
I had 3-4 books that I intended to finish but just couldn’t get to as my mind was flitting from one thing to another.


Trying to remain sane in this uncertain period I packed every minute with consuming- I had overlooked what I essentially needed.
And that is to remain connected to myself, to be creative.




So dear friend, how are you going to be courageous?
How are you going to make time for yourself?
How will you nurture yourself?


Because- Nothing will work unless you do.

– Maya Angelou




I got back to writing and deep reading.


I would love to hear from you, about how you took a courageous step and emerged strong.
Share your successes, share your pains.


We’re listening. And are happy to support in any way we can.


Kamini Lakhani

Kamini Lakhani is the founder and director of SAI Connections. She has been providing services in the field of autism for more than 25 years and is the authorized director of Professional Training for RDI in India and the Middle East. She is also the mother of a young adult with autism.


  • Arshya Trehan says:

    Hi Kamini,
    You are so right when you say one needs courage to think about oneself and find sanity in these difficult times.
    So I was avoiding baking for others since one has to do so many dishes and already one is overloaded with house work, but after repeated requests I finally decided to do a cake for someone’s bday and felt sooo good not only because that’s what I enjoyed doing a lot, but also since all bakeries are shut , I felt overjoyed to have helped with something that I also enjoy doing!

  • Sandhya Vasudevan Sondhi says:

    Hi Kamini, Such a lovely piece. I had got a loads of books to catch up on upgrading my skills at work just did not manage to open them. I just felt days becoming nights and again the same cycle again. I put in a lot of time in prayers and slowly the magic unfurled ………
    Luckily the aggressive professional community I belong too are organising so many web inars and making sure we are in touch .
    Thank you for reminding me to do what I like .

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